To peck or to be pecked? That truly appears to be the question in this tale of infidelity, trauma and the pecking order…

Amidst New Years celebrations, a secret war is brewing. Danny and Lyle relentlessly battle against their tainted past whereby they were abandoned by their mother. Years down the line, the care system has rapidly changed their lives but seemingly appears to be a challenge as they constantly regress back into their feral state. Add the fact that they have now been thrust into the spotlight as if freaks in a travelling circus, it’s enough to make any human unnerved. Danny is forever in Rooster mode constantly dominating the situations whilst his brother Lyle, the chick obeys and follows.













Pru, a TV journalist continuously seduces them with the ideas of hope and expectations as if a carrot on a stick. But will Pru’s motivational talks help them conquer their fear of the outside? All in all I found Happy New to be a brilliant show. I found myself immersed in their world straightaway and loved all three characters flaws and all. From Brendan Cowell’s humorous and snappy dialogue, to the great performances given by all 3 actors, Happy new proved to be a whirlwind of Australian warmth, troubled relationships and a fear of the unknown. All in all I give Happy New a 10/10.


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