Rhinegold is a modern retelling of Richard Wagner’s Das Rheingold, the first of four operas that constitute Der Ring des Nibelungen (The Ring of the Nibelung). Rhinegold is a story of broken contracts, greed and corruption. Gods, mortals and mythical beasts battle for possession of a ring that contains the power to rule the world…

This for me was quite a surreal piece, a piece in which every scene could stand alone and serve as a piece of art in itself. This is testament to LIVEARTSHOW, a company comprised of writers, directors, composers, designers and choreographers working together to create strong fusion pieces. The company were very successful in depicting bold moments from using multimedia to project a baby scan to showing a character conducting an array of speakers. I did find however that the plot puzzled me at quite a few moments, but this for me added to the experience, creating an air of constant suspense, which I enjoyed. I felt that the company were excellent and complimented each other brilliantly. Rhinegold was a melting point of various performance forms from the likes of Karaoke to contemporary dance, Opera to physical theatre. This is a piece that I really enjoyed and recommend for others to go and watch and I look forward to watching future performances from LIVEARTSHOW. I give Rhinegold a 4/5.


Directed by Martin Constantine

A retelling by LIVEARTSHOW

Showing until 30th June 2012


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