As part of an initiative to shine a light on emerging playwriting talent, Theatre Royal Stratford East played host to an array of new 60-minute pieces at the Angelic Tales Festival. I was lucky enough to see a performance of Step written by Lynette Linton…

Step is a tale of relationships and their breakdowns, culture clashes and the use of language as two individuals from East London are thrown into the middle class world of Oxbridge. However, will their friendship be able to withstand the long distance? Step proves to be a very confident debut from Linton, stirring up many a debate from breaking down stereotypes to questioning the use of language whether it is slang or the Queen’s English. I found that the cast were fantastic, bearing in mind that they had had a couple of day’s rehearsal. It was clear to see that they worked brilliantly together and were having a great time performing the piece. This made for a dynamic and lively performance making for fantastic viewing. The characters were very relatable which helped me warm to the play even more. This is a piece that I cannot wait to see in its full entirety and I very much look forward to Lynette Linton’s future work. A bold debut! I give Step a 4/5.


Written by Lynette Linton
Stratford Theatre East

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