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Best Before End @ Chelsea Theatre Review

Do you constantly end up looking back at what could have been? Played out certain situations and conversations, and wish that you could have altered the outcome? It seems that we’re always worrying about what other people think, and always want to have all of the answers, however that isn’t the case…

Best Before End

© Richard Davenport

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Richard II @ Purcell Room (Southbank Centre) Review

450 years on since the birth of one of the most prolific playwrights to have ever lived, William Shakespeare is renowned the world over for his contribution to the English Language, his lyrical Sonnets and his iconic plays. Studying Shakespeare, however,can become quite the challenge, with the otherworldly combination of multi-dimensional characters, complex language and elaborate story lines that can often create a barrier…
Lori-analytical & Bashy_The Hip-Hop Shakespeare Company_Richard II LIVE_CREDIT Alistair Veryard

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An Awfully Big Performance @ Chickenshed Theatre Review

It’s the big 4-0! Happy Birthday Chickenshed Theatre! And what better way to celebrate a landmark anniversary than to organise the biggest, boldest and loudest birthday party imaginable!


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SPACED 2014 Festival @ Theatre Delicatessen Review

TWO POUNDS OF BANANA’S A POUND! is probably more of your typical market fair as vendor’s relentlessly compete for the attention of various passers by. An atmosphere dictated by the hustle and bustle of market traders and potential consumers, it’s fair to say that the environment provides the perfect dramatic context. Drawing on this premise of Market Culture, Theatre Delicatessen‘s SPACED 2014 festival provides an exciting and original environment for theatre goers to experience new pieces of theatre in an immersive way…

Theatre Delicatessen

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Chewing Gum Dreams @ The Shed (National Theatre) Review

Cast your mind back to your teenage years… Were you the goody two shoes? The class clown? The clever clogs? The jock? The list goes on and on. At 14 years of age, you’re still trying to make sense of the world; a generation between childhood and adulthood, you’re influenced by the ever evolving roller coaster of playground gossip , forever chasing the holy grail that is decent GCSE results, and constantly being put the test by friendships…

ChewingGumDreams_Michaela Coel

© Oliver Prout

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Farruquito @ Sadler’s Wells Review

With the Flamenco Festival having reached its penultimate evening, its fair to say that the city of London will miss the show stopping performances of Flamenco’s leading dancers and musicians! Having been immersed in a world of Flamenco for all of his life, Farruquito makes a welcome return to Sadler’s Wells with his mesmerising show, Improvisao!

farruquito 4 by Sophie M++hlenburg

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Interview with Joan Iyiola, Co-Director of The Monobox

Joan Iyiola1Finding the perfect monologue can prove to be quite the arduous task; an obstacle course of genre, era, character, plays and playwrights can make the selection process quite a daunting one. However, that no longer has to be the case! The Mono Box, co-founded by Actress Joan Iyiola and Movement Director Polly Bennett in 2012 is a portable library of plays, ranging from the classics to contemporary works. Hosting a range of workshops and events from their Speech Surgery events, to their Workshop Weekenders; The Mono Box aims to be a helpful resource for actors, writers and directors. I was lucky enough to talk to Joan Iyiola, Co-Founder of The Monobox ahead of this month’s Speech Surgery event.

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Gala Flameca @ Sadler’s Wells Review

Spring has finally sprung, as parts of Britain enjoyed the warmest day of the year so far on the weekend, beating the likes of the Mediterranean. With the Flamenco Festival in full swing, having arrived for the London leg of their international tour, it’s fair to say that the cast of Gala Flamenca have brought much needed sunshine to the capital…


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