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Compañía Olga Pericet: Pisadas, A Woman’s End and Beginning (Flamenco Festival 2016) @ Sadler’s Wells Review

Flamenco: A style of dancing characteristic of the Andalusian Gypsies that is strongly rhythmic and involves vigorous actions such as clapping the hands and stamping the feet. Now, I’m sure this definition conjures up an image in your mind of a dancer perhaps more traditional in their approach to the recognisable dance style of Flamenco, however as expertly displayed by the powerhouse Olga Pericet, this fiery foundation is only the beginning of what the genre can bring.

Olga Pericet

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Andreas Constantinou: Double Bill (ReDoing GENDER 1.5 and The WOMANhouse) @ Trinity Laban Review

A night of provocative, informative and erotic performance art, that tempts you in the complex world of gender, sexuality and performance. The nights consists of two performances, complimenting each other in both terms of theme, content and development of ideas. Both pieces challenge the concepts of masculinity, the first through classical sculptures of male ideals and the second, through the presentation of female performers transforming themselves into men. In a thought provoking double bill, the essence of exhibition performance is undeniable, additive and contagious to observe and comment upon.

ReDoing Gender

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Farruquito & Farruca (Flamenco Festival London) @ Sadler’s Wells Review

Opening with a single guitar chord, this passionate amalgamation of live music and flamenco dance, is a dialogue of culture, language and expression. A commentary of Spanish manifestations provide the soundtrack to this sensual, semi-improvised production. Buen Arate presents Farruquito & Farruca, in collaboration with Flamenco Festival London. In this feast of live music, and dance, Buen Arate presents a twist on the traditional flamenco identity, incorporating contemporary choreography, demonstrating longevity, only derived from a dance practice that is culturally centred.


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The Mousetrap @ The Grand Opera House York Review

Agatha Christie’s The Mousetrap has been on stage for over 60 years now, making the play a cornerstone of British theatre. The lavish set upon the curtain rising fits in brilliantly with the aesthetic of the Grand Opera House, bringing a murder mystery classic which stands the test of time and looks good doing so. However, it’s not just appearance which makes the performance tick and audiences will be happy to feel the same thrill as audiences 60 years ago in a play which, whilst a little worn around the edges, definitely holds up in terms of tension and suspense.

The Mousetrap

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The Longest Running Shows in the West End

We all have our favourite theatre productions, whether they’re a fun sing along jukebox musical or gripping stage play. However, whilst some shows come and go, there are a special few that continue to live on in our hearts and in Theatre Land that we simply can’t get enough of. Read on to find out all you need to know about the longest-running shows still playing in London’s West End today.

West End Theatre

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Ghost: The Musical @ The Grand Opera House York Review

Going into the Grand Opera House I know I can be sure of two things to pop up in York Stage Musicals‘ production of Ghost: The Musical– renditions of The Righteous BrothersUnchained Melody and the now famous pottery scene. You don’t even need to have seen the 1990 film to recognise the iconic scene at Demi Moore‘s pottery wheel. Usually aped for comic reference in umpteen sitcoms, there’s a contrasting tenderness and sincerity that comes with the inclusion of the potter’s wheel tonight, the same tenderness which is felt throughout this production.


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The Devil Speaks True @ The Vaults(Vaults Festival 2016) Review

The story of Macbeth, or The Scottish Play has got to be one of the most retold Shakespearean stories within the past 400 years. Chronicling the unlikely ascent of a king with no immediate links to the throne, Macbeth, and his wife, one of the greatest strategist to grace the literary world Lady Macbeth prepare to unapologetically shed the blood of others for the ultimate prize.

The Devil Speaks True

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Play Dough @ The Albany Review

The financial crash of 2007 has had a knock on effect on how we live today. But what was the financial crash and how has it impacted our lives? More importantly, how do you possibly condense the explanations to these questions into a palatable narrative for pre-teens to understand?


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Ballet Flamenco Sara Baras (Flamenco Festival London) @ Sadler’s Wells Review

If you were lacking some loving this Valentine’s Day, I strongly recommend going to see Ballet FlamencoSara Baras. It will perfectly seduce you with its deep rooted passion and fire, explored through the sensuous dance practice, Flamenco. In collaboration with The Flamenco Festival London, this show is bold, passionate and celebratory.

Ballet Flamenco Sara Baras

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RE:Home @ The Yard Theatre Review

Ten years have passed since Offstage Theatre performed their first production HOME which instantly gave them commercial success when it became a feature on Channel 4, ITV and BBC TV news. It was a play made by the community of the Beaumont Estate in Leyton East London  and set inside one of the condemned towers prior to its demolition. Now, on the tenth anniversary of the demolition, OffStage have revisited these voices with this new adaptation of RE:HOME at Hackney Wick’s the Yard Theatre.

ReHome Production Shots (Credit Mark Douet)13

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