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Wilting in Reverse @ Wardrobe Theatre (Mayest 2016) Review

Wilting in reverse is Stuart Bowden’s evocative metaphor describing the figurative reanimation of a dead man (also, rather handily, named Stuart Bowden) from an imagined future reality. Before his demise in 2084, the man named Stuart Bowden was able to pen a short but powerful piece of theatre describing his final days on a distant planet in a small colony of humans who are rapidly running out of water.

Wilting in Reverse

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The Complete Deaths @ Bristol Old Vic (Mayest 2016) Review

Who had the greatest last words (and what were they?) Who had the slowest, most tedious death? Who had it coming more than anyone else? These are just a few of the questions that this latest effort from ‘four of the greatest clowns working in Britain’, claims to address. In celebration of the 400th anniversary of Shakespeare’s death, Spymonkey have indulged their bardic inclinations by attempting to portray all 75 onstage deaths from every one of Shakespeare’s plays through the medium of physical comedy.


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The End (Beckett In London) @ The Coronet, Print Room Theatre Review

“The end is near” he said in an Irish accent that can only be affectionately observed and listened to. Following their hugely successful run of Title and Deed by Will Eno last year, Gare St Lazare Ireland, return with a festival of their acclaimed Beckett productions. Situated in a culturally lavish theatre, The End, is a stripped back show featuring natural direction and dynamic. A solo show in identity, The End, is a show about growing old, sentimental incasement and the episodic stream of life.

Conor Lovett in The End(horizontal-landscape) 2 - photo by Ros Kavanagh

Courtesy of Ros Kananagh

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Global Stories for the Small Stage

Have you ever travelled the World, charmed a snake or ridden on an Elephant? John and Sally have and they invite you on their next adventure! Sail down to the Barbican Theatre during May Half term to watch Travellers’ Tales, Devon-based theatre duo Above Bounds latest artistic offering. Part of the second year of the Plymouth Fringe Festival, Travellers’ Tales is a children’s theatre show which will leave you with a smile on your face and a taste for adventure.
Above Bounds

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Frank Sumatra @ Theatre N16 Review

What would you do if all of a sudden, a chimp ended up on your doorstep first thing in the morning? Stare in disbelief? Run away? Proceed to scream and shout? Call the police? Take him in? Or all of the above? A scenario that automatically encourages a range of questions, Frank Sumatra playfully explores this absurd scenario in a comical radio show format.

Frank Sumatra

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Diary of a Hounslow Girl @ Ovalhouse Review

The topic of religion will forever cause a mass of debate worldwide, however there’s been a noticeable negative emphasis placed on the religion of Islam, due to the images presented to us via news rooms, newspapers and video images. Shattering preconceptions of a typical girl who follows the faith, Ambreen Razia‘s Diary of a Hounslow Girl is a breath of fresh air to the narrative constantly fed to us on a daily basis.

Diary of a Houslow Girl

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Breaking’ Convention @ Sadler’s Wells Review

What is meant by the term Hip Hop? I’m sure many will attribute the term to a style of music, and that in part would be correct. However, Hip Hop embodies so much more than that. Born in the late 70s in the Bronx, Hip Hop gripped the imaginations of many, spawning a culture that would initially begin underground, but would grip the world decades later. Consisting of 4 strands which are: B-boying, Dj-ing, Graffiti artistry and Mc-ing, the art form synonymous with the states has taken over the world, with Hip Hop references 2nd nature in many a music video!

Breakin' Convention

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Network of Independent Critics Co-Founders Laura Kressly and Katherine Kavanagh speak to Theatrefullstop about the innovative scheme!

With the world’s biggest theatre festival, the Edinburgh Fringe fastly approaching, thousands of performers will be making preparations to showcase their work at the iconic event.  Alongside performers, theatre critics will also be drawing up their lists of must see shows from the vast line up, whether they write for national newspapers, or their own independent sites. Founders of the Network for Independent Critics, Laura Kressly and Katherine Kavanagh are making it possible for the likes of talented independent critics to cover this year’s festival. Read on to find out more about the innovative scheme! Continue reading

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