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Play Dough @ The Albany Review

The financial crash of 2007 has had a knock on effect on how we live today. But what was the financial crash and how has it impacted our lives? More importantly, how do you possibly condense the explanations to these questions into a palatable narrative for pre-teens to understand?


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Circus Mayhem @ The Albany Deptford Review

What better way to experience the weird and wonderful diverse world of the circus, than to have a triptych of shows brought to your very attention in one evening? Well… thanks to champions of contemporary circus, Circus Evolution, this very experience has been made a possibility and presents itself in Circus Mayhem.

Al Cubo

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Sizwe Banzi is Dead @ The Albany Theatre Review

Say cheeeeese! Whether it’s your class photo or a family portrait; that awkward need to smile or portray a staged sense of joy can prove to be quite the task! That well known saying about images speaking a thousand words couldn’t be anymore true! Now, more than ever, we live in an image obsessed era where we, ourselves have become our very own photographers. Images hold an array of memories and keep our identity in tact, but can you truly tell what lies behind a photograph? What the subject is truly thinking?


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