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If I Were Me @ The Soho Theatre Review

Whether you think it or not, we’re all a ‘brand’. Yes, we might not conciously be promoting an idea or trying to sell the latest gadgets, however we all have our own manifestos, there are certain ideas that we want to promote to those around us. The concept of the ‘brand’ has not been as important or prevalant as it is today. We’re more mindful of branding thanks to the emergance of social media. ANTLER Theatre’s If I Were Me takes on this sign of the times concept and condenses it into a very watchable 60 minutes.


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Co-Artistic Director of Antler Theatre, Jaz Woodcock Stewart speaks to Theatrefullstop about performing at this year’s Soho Rising Festival

Soho Theatre is known as being a comical powerhouse, championing the freshest voices in the comedy circuit. It is also known for championing new and exciting voices theatrically, and continues to contribute to the much welcomed tradition by introducing the Soho Rising Festival. Bringing together 6 influential theatrical minds of tomorrow, the festival promises to bring audiences a diverse programme of poetry, drama, physical theatre, music and most of all creativity. Theatrefullstop were lucky enough to speak to Antler Theatre’s Co-Artistic Director Jaz Woodcock Stewart who will be presenting their latest work, If I Were Me from Tuesday 22nd until Saturday 26th March.
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