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Baila Brazil @ The Royal Festival Hall Review

Baila, which translates as ‘dances’ in Spanish, could not sum up the Southern American landscape any better! Dance is an integral part of the continent’s culture, it’s an alternative language that allows for the articulation of expression, restoration of history, socialisation with members of the community… It is one of the life forces of the continent.


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Co-Founder and Co-Director of Brazilian performance troupe Balé de Rua, Fernando Narduchi, speaks to Theatrefullstop about their new production, Baila Brazil!

Fernando NarduchiWith Rio set to host next year’s Olympic games, Brazil will once again have the world’s spotlight placed on them as billions eagerly await to see what Brazil will bring to the table. Known for their vibrant genres of dance, heart thumping musical rhythms and their colourful costumes, Brazil is set to get the party started! Amongst the many aspiring performance troupes working day in and day out to perfect their craft, Balé de Rua have risen above the ranks and have taken the world by storm. Ahead of their performance of Baila Brazil at the Southbank Centre this August, Co-Founder and Co-Director Fernando Narduchi speaks to Theatrefullstop about the importance of dance culture within Brazil, there not being enough dance opportunities for Brazilians and Balé de Rua performing at some of the world’s most prestigious events!

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