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Breaking’ Convention @ Sadler’s Wells Review

What is meant by the term Hip Hop? I’m sure many will attribute the term to a style of music, and that in part would be correct. However, Hip Hop embodies so much more than that. Born in the late 70s in the Bronx, Hip Hop gripped the imaginations of many, spawning a culture that would initially begin underground, but would grip the world decades later. Consisting of 4 strands which are: B-boying, Dj-ing, Graffiti artistry and Mc-ing, the art form synonymous with the states has taken over the world, with Hip Hop references 2nd nature in many a music video!

Breakin' Convention

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Jonzi D: A Letter To Be Or To MBE @ Assembly George Square Theatre (Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2015)

This is a true story, a verbatim piece if you like. A story through the eyes of Jonzi D, that detects the conflict arising from an important letter that comes through the post, this letter can effectively change Jonzi D’s life; could it potentially be a possibility for growth? Or a label that dooms a change for the worst?

Jonzi D

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Breakin’ Convention @ Sadler’s Wells Review

If you switch over to any of the numerous amount of music channels we find ourselves spoilt for choice with, what styles of dance are you most likely to see? Tutting? Whacking? Popping? Locking? Culturally we’ve shifted from the Jazz and balletic routines of the 60s, 70s and 80s and have embraced ‘street dance’ culture, an umbrella term for a range of dances inspired by the emergence of Hip Hop in the late 70s.

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