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Barbu @ London Wonderground Review

Barbu is a thrilling take on circus, applying folk ensemble and soundtrack, this show provides joyful entertainment. Cirque Alfonse are fresh, young and innovative, amalgamating a culturally centred premise to an obscure set of skills. Skilfully presented for London Wonderground, Barbu makes you applaud, giggle and even blush, in a colourful production of prowess. A show that is breathtaking, visually dynamic and thoroughly up-lifting.


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Timber! @ The Queen Elizabeth Hall (Southbank Centre)

TIMBER!!! Watch out for the grand fir tree ready to collapse at any given moment! There’s nothing quite like the great outdoors, however during these winter months, we may all beg to differ. An arduous, yet rewarding lifestyle, picture spending your working day heavy lifting, carving and chopping wood in order to literally create a roof over your head as well as to make a living… I’d imagine many of us would prefer to visit our local well known branded store than to even consider the alternative. Cue Timber! a show that infuses a sense of fun and vitality to the lifestyle and profession.


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