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Feast @ The Battersea Arts Centre Review

Feast. A show about food. A Baroque Banquet. Grotesque Clowning. Physical Theatre. Multimedia.. and the evolution of society? Clout Theatre present us with all of the above. I leave wondering whether I feel hungry, or ready to vomit. A fine line which Clout toy with throughout their piece, with magnificent commitment to their cause.



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How a Man Crumbled @ The Mimetic Festival Review

How a Man Crumbled, throws the audience into the absurd world of Russian surrealist poet Daniil Kharms. Three bouffonesque characters attempt to tell the story of ‘The Old Woman,’ about a writer who kills an old lady and attempts, with great (and comic) difficulty to dispose of the body. Part of Mimetic Festival, held in The Vaults under the Waterloo Station, the trains rumbling overhead aren’t the only things taking you out of the story, as the narrative is frequently distracted by the trio’s series of comic vignettes, abstract ponderings or to just hit each other over the head with vegetables.

How a Man Crumbled


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Mimetic Festival returns for its 3rd Year at new location, The Vaults!

Mimetic or mimesis is defined as being ‘the imitative representation of the real world in art and literature’ (Oxford Dictionary) and this is a word that most definitely captures the essence of The Mimetic Festival, which is set to transform the atmospheric Vaults in Waterloo from Monday 17th- Saturday 29th November.

Mimetic Festival

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The Various Lives of Infinite Nullity @ Battersea Arts Centre Review

As 3 ghosts ponder the lives that they have left behind on Earth, The Various Lives of Infinite Nullity serves as an exploration into an unknown landscape, the Afterlife.

The Various Lives of Infinite Nullity Summerhall

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