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Jesse Ayertey, Co-Founder of the East London Shakespeare Company talks about Duologue Slam!

When watching a theatre performance, film or TV programme, it may be very easy to focus your attention on the lead actors. Award ceremonies always acknowledge the performances of one actor, however, with every great performance, there must be a strong ensemble of actors to help carry the narrative. With auditions and theatre competitions, the focus mainly lays in the performance of monologues, however actors Jesse Ayertey, along with Arlindo Peti, Co-Founders of the East London Shakespeare Company have noticed the need for a competition that takes into account the collaborative nature of theatre, with their acting event, Duologue Slam. Ahead of the event, Theatrefullstop were able to speak to Jesse about organising the event, why Shakespeare plays an imperative part in the event, and where Jesse pictures Duologue Slam in 5 years time.

This will be the first Duologue Slam of 2015, how are you feeling ahead of the event?

Feeling really good about it. It was initially suppose to be a one-off event but it’s great to be here again.

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