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Turfed @ Hackney Downs Studio

Today marks the beginning of one of the most talked about sporting competitions of the last 4 years. As the world gears itself for a summer of heartbreak, triumph and union, it’s fair to say to say that the next month will shape up to be quite an interesting one. Located in the heart and soul of one of the most celebrated footballing nations in the world, Brazil will welcome the world’s media to revel in the pitch side dramas of the tournament, but whilst the likes of Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi are admired the world over, it may become very easy to forget about the important issues such as homelessness, and the millions of young people that face this as a reality…

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BABY/LON @ Hackney Downs Studio Review

We’re often inundated with shocking newspaper headlines and over dramatised scenes of family breakdowns on the Jeremy Kyle Show, but how much do we know about the social services system? With all of the negative media attention, it becomes easy to forget about those affected by the day to day challenges of assimilating in a new environment and therefore being cast in the shadows…


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