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RE:Home @ The Yard Theatre Review

Ten years have passed since Offstage Theatre performed their first production HOME which instantly gave them commercial success when it became a feature on Channel 4, ITV and BBC TV news. It was a play made by the community of the Beaumont Estate in Leyton East London  and set inside one of the condemned towers prior to its demolition. Now, on the tenth anniversary of the demolition, OffStage have revisited these voices with this new adaptation of RE:HOME at Hackney Wick’s the Yard Theatre.

ReHome Production Shots (Credit Mark Douet)13

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Home @ The Shed (National Theatre) Review

The concept of even saving up for a deposit on a new home is nothing short of being a miracle! House prices are said to have sky rocketed to an all time high since the financial crash; with the average age of first time buyers being roughly between early to mid 30s. Being one of the wealthiest cities in the world, it’s hard to believe that London is sadly, but fastly becoming a home to the homeless…


© Ellie Kurttz

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