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Dot Dot Dot @ Lilian Baylis (Sadler’s Wells) Review

Dot, Dot, Dot is a dance company made up of Magdalena Mannion, Yinka Esi Graves and Noemi Luz. This talented dance trio explore the layers of culture shaping our lives encapsulating a life journey through the art form of dance.

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Digitopia @ The Lilian Baylis Studio (Sadler’s Wells) Review

It often feels like we are headed towards a technology-centric world. How many items around you can you think of that are technological? When thinking of the theatre as an activity, it serves multiple purposes, whether it be for escapism, addressing a range of societal issues or for pure entertainment. How often however do we watch a piece purely for the visual aesthetics, as well as entertainment? The Tom Dale Company and MOKO Dance‘s Digitopia revels in this and triumphs.


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Tiger Tale @ The Lilian Baylis Studio (Sadler’s Wells) Review

We walk down the steps, into the space and are instantly welcomed by what can only be described as a caged stage, roped fencing and orange fur cover the pathway, buckets strung up from the ceiling and present within the enclosure are three characters, everyone, masked with a bucket. The music plays and we begin to question the sense of absurdity, we take our seats within the ‘In the round’ style seating, analysing the simple movements and interaction of these characters. The lights go down and the show begins.

Barrowland Ballet

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Choreographics @ The Lilian Baylis Studio (Sadler’s Wells) Review

In the Lilian Baylis Studio at Sadler’s Wells six emerging choreographers are given a platform to show their considerable promise, with the theme of post-war America as a stimulus.   


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American Boy @ Lilian Baylis Studio (Sadler’s Wells) Review

Hetain Patel takes to the Lilian Baylis stage, in a show about identity in an age of super heroes. For an hour he jumps from character to character, doing scene‘s from various movies, as varied as Enter the Dragon, Beverly Hills Cop and The Italian Job


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4 & 5 @ Lilian Baylis Studio (Sadler’s Wells)

“No specific words can express the meaning of tonight’s performance. Rather, these pieces are permeated with our conceptions of ‘the body’ and physical practice. So what your eyes perceive is exactly what our hearts hope to express.” This quote from Tao Ye expresses exactly what has been achieved in his creations ‘4 and 5’. It was impossible to encapsulate a single moment or meaning as separate from the whole, such was the fluidity of the piece. Thoughts, feelings, associations would spring to mind but none could define or describe the entirety of the dances.

Tao dance

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Wild Card @ Sadler’s Wells (Lilian Baylis Studio) Review

Offering talented young artists the opportunity to showcase exciting and bold pieces of choreography, this Sadler’s Wells initiative encourages new voices within the choreographic world to be heard.


Choreographer and Performer Alessandra Seutin
© Camilla Greenwell

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