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Measure for Measure @ The Globe Review

Justice. Mercy. Religion. Power. Sex. The former two words are at the core of this season at the Globe, and perhaps no other works of the bard better encapsulate those themes than Measure for Measure.


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Measure For Measure @ The Barbican Review

Ever sit down in the theatre and realise the play is in Russian? Because that will happen if you visit the Barbican Centre and to see Cheek by Jowl‘s Measure for Measure


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Measure for Measure & Merchant of Venice @ The Bread and Roses Theatre Review

Aequitas Theatre Company takes on a Shakespearean double bill: Measure for Measure and Merchant of Venice, the latter being directed both by the creator of the company Rachael Bellis and director Sophia Start. At the core of this company there is a resolution to cast actors based alone on their performing ability and not their appearance – ‘You that choose not by the view’. This comes across entirely as actresses play male characters and vice-versa and young actors play older characters and I must say it is quite refreshing to see such bold decisions on casting, though for the audience it can be quite puzzling at first.


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