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Invisible Treasure @ Ovalhouse Review

Level one: prepare, obey and behave. Are you ready to enter the realm of Invisible Treasure? Invisible Treasure is an exciting fresh application of gamification, a convention that we play out in our everyday lives. It is the sense of being a player, entering into a realm of fourth dimension, choosing our paths, and playing as a natural instinct. As a production this show explores every detail listed above, it is a production of playoffs, level competition and unpredictable realities.

Invisible Treasure

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Das Spiel @ The Ovalhouse Theatre Review

Das Spiel, Das Spiel, Das Spiel – the audience repeats as the performer invites one more person to be part of the game. Everyone is playing – direct or indirectly. This is a carefully and obscurely crafted performance, highly interactive and connecting the audience to that specific time and place.


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