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Dark Circus @ The Barbican Pit Review


Stereoptik‘s fourth production was created especially for the 2015 Avignon festival. Based on an original story by the illustrator Pef (Pierre Elie Ferrier), who created the famous character Prince de Motordu, Dark Circus takes us to a dreary town where the Dark Circus gives only one single performance: “Come to the show, stay for the woe.” Presented by a sinister ringmaster, all circus artists meet catastrophic ends: The trapeze artist falls to her death, the human cannonball is shot into space, the lion tamer is eaten, one of the prized circus horses escapes and its rider perishes in its pursuit… Yet then a juggler, who uses only one ball, releases all the colours of the rainbow and changes the dark circus into a world of joy and wonder.

Dark Circus1

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STEREOPTIK Founders Jean Baptiste Maillet and Romain Bermond speak to Theatrefullstop about their latest piece ‘Dark Circus’ soon to be performed at the London International Festival 2016!

Maillet and GermondJean Baptiste Maillet and Romain Bermond, better known as STEREOPTIK, have entranced audiences alike since 2009 with their integration of cinematography and musical accompaniments to make pieces that truly stand out. A partnership that proves vital to the end result, Maillet and Bermond go beyond being performers of their pieces, designing every element, from the narrative, to the lighting, to the soundtrack embedded within each show. Ahead of their performance of Dark Circus at this year’s London International Festival, Theatrefullstop were able to speak Maillet and Bermond about performing at this year’s festival, how they both approach creating their work and the importance of LIMF for the promotion of physical and visual theatre.

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