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Lost in Blue @ The Sackler Space (Roundhouse Theatre) Review

An afternoon of sublime storytelling mixed with expertly positioned background noises makes Debs Newbold’s piece quite something to remember. It is obvious from the get go that Newbold is very likeable as a performer and has a large fan base that regularly attends her shows, cheering manically as she enters the space. After losing her voice a couple of days before this particular performance she begins by apologising, then moves swiftly on by cracking a couple of jokes (drinking plenty of water) and managing to channel her energy, taking the whole audience on an adventure through one of her latest stories.

Lost in Blue

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Me, Mother @ Roundhouse (Circus Fest) Review

When you think of circus, what immediately comes to mind? Death defying stunts? Unimaginable tricks? Adrenaline fuelled sequences? Heart racing music? A genre I’m sure you’ll agree associated with the awe-inspiring, circus, just like a piece of drama can be versatile, and Me, Mother is a considered example of this.

Me, Mother

Image by David Levene

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Kin @ The Roundhouse (Circus Fest 2016) Review

A night of inventive and creative performance, a contemporary circus practice that is fun and comic to watch. The night consists of two performances, opening with a piece in development performed by Pop: A New Circus Concept, followed by Barely Methodical Troupe presenting Kin, a World Premiere. Complimenting each other both pieces embody contemporary circus, enhancing an element of story telling, characterisation and aesthetics of production.

Barely Methodical Troupe

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Super Sunday @ The Roundhouse Review

A term most often associated with sporting tournaments, the Race Horse Company offer their very own Royal Knockout consisting of the brave, the hilarious and the out right daring in their latest production, Super Sunday.

Race Horse Company

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Howl 2.0 @ The Roundhouse Review

There is a state in long distance running called the wall. It happens when the body has used up all its fuel and needs to either stop running or switch fuel and it hurts, a lot. To overcome this, the only solution is to keep running, and after the pain comes a state of mild euphoria follows. That is what it felt like as Dauda Ladejobi finished his half hour reading of the 60 year old poem The Howl.


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Rogue Teacher @ The Roundhouse Review

“For about half of you here, those that have never been to a poetry show, you might totally hate this!” Mark Grist‘s hilarious tale of how an eager English Teacher became, and dealt with becoming, a Youtube sensation, world famous battle rapper and the poet laureate of Peterborough. As he eagerly tells the story, he weaves in the poetry and raps, sometimes apologetically but always amusingly.

Mark Grist

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Shame @ Roundhouse review

I’m sure if the much sought after Time Machine were invented, we’d all be rushing to our nearest department stores to make a purchase. We all have those certain moments we wish we could re-write and tweak, that we always seem to re-play obsessively on a daily, weekly or monthly basis that annoyingly in some circumstances manifest to years of regret down the line. But what is it you wish you could perfect and alter? What are you ashamed of?

Shame, by John Berkavitch, Heads Up Festival, Hull.

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