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Supernatural @ The Chelsea Theatre (SACRED Festival) Review

The human body is well and truly a temple, the amount of functions it carries out is an absolute marvel, from the brain sending various body parts a series of messages in a split second to that wonderful chemical, adrenaline fuelling fight or flight situations, the anatomy continues amaze.


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Just like a woman: London Edition @ The Chelsea Theatre Review

A subtle fluorescent glow, featuring a revolving disco ball sets the scene for this exclusive exhibition. I promenade through performance space one, (the bar), free glass of champagne in hand, I observe the elitist audience that has gathered. One of all sexualities, expressing freedom, liberty and confidence, this is a show for everyone. Just Like a Woman is an exhibition of shows, debates, instillations and screenings looking at the performance of identity- the ways femininity can be ‘performed’ and representations of how gender can be queered through performance. This striking production presented by the Live Art Development Agency, working in collaboration with The Chelsea Theatre, is an exploratory piece discovering a sense of identity, gender and feminism.

Just Like a Woman

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