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YOUARENOWHERE @ Shoreditch Town Hall (LIFT 2016) Review

Time works alongside us. It’s so engrained in us we even have our own body clocks dictating when certain processes happen. They say time is a healer, yet time waits for no man. Are you someone that lives for the now? The tomorrow or ponders on the past? YOUARENOWHERE is a considered exploration of time through the eyes of award winning performance artist Andrew Schneider.


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Absent @ The Shoreditch Town Hall Review

Absent belongs to that rare kind of performance that subtly, but very firmly, refuses to let you go. Though you step out of the doors and onto the streets, the atmosphere conjured in the play lingers; it discreetly impregnates itself onto the buildings, people and movements you observe on your way home. It is the pulsating innovation and sharp theatrical vision I observed in this show that keeps our theatre industry on its toes and warmly welcomes new audiences to its stalls. It is shows like this that remind me why I prefer the dynamics of the theatre rather than idly staying at home and staring at the screen of my laptop.


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So It Goes @ The Shoreditch Town Hall Review

So It Goes is the first production from On The Run theatre company. It is about actor/creator Hannah Moss’ father and his death. The piece is a two hander created and performed by Hannah Moss and David Ralfe.


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