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Everything By My Side @ Southbank Centre (LIFT Festival 2016) Review

‘Turn off your mobile phone. When instructed and synchronised with others, head to your allocated bed. When you see the rest of the audience members ready, lie in bed next to the actress.’ A 15 minute show, seven beds, seven actresses, seven audience members and only the above audience instructions. Everything By My Side a show of intimacy, which asks its audience to jump in bed with a stranger… in the middle of the Southbank!

Everything By My Side

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The Dark Room @ The Udderbelly Southbank Review

Computer games have gotten awfully clever these days. John Robertson’s one man show, The Dark Room, aims to remind us of a simpler, more frustrating time; a time when games carried no mandate to entertain or satisfy, when they roamed free from the dictates of logic or common sense. The Dark Room brings to life the word based computer games of the 80’s, reminding audiences of that very particular type of irritation that only crude software is able to produce.

dark room new head pixels (mark dawson)

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Underbelly Festival Opening Gala @ The Southbank Review

Violet returns to the Southbank, kickstarting another season of the Underbelly Festival. For those who haven’t been, the Underbelly is London’s go-to popup venue for all things comedy, burlesque, circus or generally fringe related. It’s a great opportunity to catch acts before they ship-off (and generally sell-out) to Edinburgh.


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Udderbelly Opening Gala Night@ Southbank Review

The Southbank is renowned for the weird and the wonderful, a microcosm all of its own. Home to an array of dedicated street performers, you can’t go a second without running into the likes of Mickey Mouse or The Tin Man. If you’ve found yourself walking past the eclectic cultural hub on your daily commute, you may have noticed the sudden appearance of a certain purple decorated farmyard animal. That could only mean one thing, the return of this year’s Udderbelly Festival!

Udderbelly 1

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