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Bluebird @ The Tabard Theatre Review

First performed in 1998 at the Royal Court, Bluebird is one of his first plays. After having watched more recent plays, such as Birdland and The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time, it is easy to see how in 1998 his writing already had the immense poetry and insightful grasp on life but was still undergoing important developments.

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Love in the Past Participle @ The Playmakers Festival (Tabard Theatre) Review

Playmakers at Tabard Theatre presents six new plays among which is John Hamilton May’s Love in the Past Participle. After a sell-out run at the Edinburgh Festival this is a play that I’m curious about even before entering the theatre – a new play is an exciting event and I am hoping it adds a new perspective to the well-discussed subject of love.

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Mouth Play @The Playmakers Festival (Tabard Theatre) Review

Family, friends, colleagues and acquaintances fill up the church service. The priest leads a thoughtful ceremony. Guests make their speeches, expressing moments that will live on forever as they fight back the tears. However, this is the last place you want to be. All of these stories although told with good intentions leaves you wanting to grieve on your own, without anyone watching, without noise, without the chaos.


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