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Anita and Me @ The Stratford East Theatre Royal Review

As a teen, we’re at odds with the world. We’re no longer a child, and therefore refuse to be conned by the fairytales and feigned truths that once gripped our imaginations. We begin to fight the opinions of our nearest and dearest, whilst coming to grips with both physiological and emotional changes, let alone educational expectation. Add the universal feeling of struggling with identity and contending with societal expectation and there you have a recipe for complete and utter emotional mayhem. This is a rite of passage that Meera Syal‘s 1997 novel, Anita and Me manages to warmly encapsulate.

Anita and Me

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Win tickets to Tanika Gupta’s adaptation of Anita and Me playing at the Theatre Royal Stratford East!


Award winning novel, Anita and Me was penned by comedic treasure, Meera Syal 18 years ago. In 2002, the novel enjoyed success filmically. Fast forward to 2015, and the classic will enjoy a new lease of life on Theatre Royal Stratford East‘s stage. A coming of age tale about girlhood, identity and relationships, Tanika Gupta‘s adaptation promises to embody the warmth and personality of the filmic original.

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Love N Stuff @ Stratford East Theatre Royal Review

Tanika Gupta’s Wah! Wah! Girls received critical acclaim last year for its vibrant Bollywood inspired choreography, as well as for the memorable performances given by the cast; in particular, the comedic pairing of quarrelsome couple Bindi and Mansoor. As a result of their increasing popularity, it was only right that the hilarious couple have their own show, hence the creation of Love N Stuff…

Press image 3 Tony Jayawardena photo by Robert Day v2

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