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Pomona @ The Shed (National Theatre) Review

Situated in the centre of Manchester lies a very dark secret… Its name… Pomona. Many have speculated the goings on of this mysterious setting, however their questions and speculations appear to be as useful as a never ending corridor… as questions multiply, and yet remain unanswered.


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The Animals and Children Took to the Streets @ The National Theatre Review

What’s the first thing you think of, when you think of a major city in the world? Towering skyscrapers? Affluent transport systems? Unlimited job opportunities? We’re constantly presented with the ideological glossy veneer of what a cosmopolitan should be and what it has to offer, but what of the places within a city that are neglected, that don’t receive much coverage…


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Blurred Lines @ The Shed (National Theatre) Review

Cast your mind back to the summer months of 2013. Britain was surprisingly in the midst of one of the hottest summers ever recorded and a little known artist going by the name of Robin Thicke was causing  a controversial storm within the Top 40… "Blurred Lines" Continue reading

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Nut @ The Shed (National Theatre)

‘No Bell is like no interest. Not interested. Don’t care-don’t wanna know.’ Elayne constantly finds herself subject to commentary by by those around her, each person thinking they know best. However all she wants is to be left alone and to shut out the outside world around her.

.Nut by Debbie Tucker Green / National Theatre (The Shed Theatre,

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The World of Extreme Happiness @ The Shed (National Theatre) review

With hopes of brightening up her life prospects in rural China, the aptly named Sunny embarks on a life changing journey to the fast paced, bright lights of the City.

Jpeg 9. Katie Leung (Sunny) and company_The World of Extreme Happiness_c. Richard H Smith (1)

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