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Love on the Dole @ The Space Theatre Review

Over 8 decades ago, Walter Greenwood produced a text that would go on to change his fortune, and force the then government to rethink some of their policies on job prospects and conditions. Hailing from a working class background, Greenwood, once leaving school found himself in a climate of uncertainty as he wrestled between acquiring low paid jobs and unemployment. During the latter, Grenwood’s Love on the Dole was born; a realistic commentary on the political climate from the perspective of working class citizens.

Love on the Dole

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Memoirs of Lucy Bell @ The Space Theatre Review

Written and directed by Hope Murphy Nanton, this one woman show chronicles Jazz singer Lucy Bell’s meteoric rise to fame in the heart of a city that never sleeps. Cue New York skylines, jazz fuelled night clubs and heartbreak.

The Memoirs of Lucy Bell

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