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Wilting in Reverse @ Wardrobe Theatre (Mayest 2016) Review

Wilting in reverse is Stuart Bowden’s evocative metaphor describing the figurative reanimation of a dead man (also, rather handily, named Stuart Bowden) from an imagined future reality. Before his demise in 2084, the man named Stuart Bowden was able to pen a short but powerful piece of theatre describing his final days on a distant planet in a small colony of humans who are rapidly running out of water.

Wilting in Reverse

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Clowning Artist Trygve Wakenshaw speaks to Theatrefullstop about performing at Mayest 2016!

Nautilus (c) Fraser Cameron smlSince 2013, multi award winning artist Trygve Wakenshaw has delighted theatre fans with his unique brand of comedy. The modern day clown, Wakenshaw is not at all afraid of challenging the theatrical norm, presenting a range of carefully crafted skits that transport you into his weird and wonderful world of colourful characters. With his works, Squidboy, Kraken and currently Nautilus all receiving rave reviews, Wakenshaw is a force to be reckoned with. Ahead of this year’s Mayfest, based in Bristol, Theatrefullstop were able to speak to Wakenshaw about working with the great Philippe Gaulier, his inspirations for his latest piece Nautilus, and he offers advice to aspiring clowning artists. Continue reading

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