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Laila the Musical @ The Watford Palace Theatre Review

What universally are the most important themes that tie us together? Love? Family? Loss? Forgiveness? For millennia, these are ideas that have been continually looked at, questioned, idealised and analysed in literature, theatre and within the last century film and TV and yet in 2016 we still find ourselves drawn by these themes… but why? Because they are complicated. They are multi-faceted and we always seem to seek wisdom on them… Laila the Musical loosly clasps onto these concepts, and bridges the gap between an ancient world, and our modern technology-centric landscape.

Laila The Musical. Prince Waqt (Shin), Laila (Mona Goodwin), Zeenat (Sheena Patel), Ensemble (Vedi Roy, Yinka Williams, Sami Lamine). Photo credit David Fisher.

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I Know All the Secrets In My World @ The Little House Review (Latitude Festival)

A typical family? What does that even mean? The nuclear family? Mother, father, son and daughter? A single parent household; mother and daughter? Father and son? Vice versa. The list goes on and on. They say you can’t live with your family, but simultaneously you can’t live without them. The familial structure is a complicated one, especially when you throw in the devastating effects of death.


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Broken @ Watford Palace Theatre Review

Away from the vibrant and forever moving nature of the metropolitan, the bright lights of the city and the continual advancements and innovations within technology, it is easy to forget, be unaware or even take for granted the world in which we live and its significance.

Broken by Katja Ogrin (1)

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