The Team

Ever wondered who the faces were behind all of the reviews written on Theatrefullstop? Well here is your chance to meet the team!

Founder/ Editor – Lucy Basaba


After graduating from East 15 Drama school, where she studied BA (Hons) World  Performance, Lucy began writing theatre reviews for lifestyle blog, Yin & Yang. In 2012, she was  lucky enough to perform at the Opening Ceremony for the London Olympic Games, a once in a  lifetime opportunity that could not be missed!In 2013, after realising just how much she enjoyed  writing about theatre, she started writing her own blog, Theatrefullstop, where she continued to  watch a wide range of performances and interview cast members and creatives. Lucy is always looking for events and festivals to write about, and encourages artists and theatre makers to get in  contact! Follow Lucy on twitter: @lbasaba



Charlotte Claydon

Charlotte Claydon

Charlotte is a twenty year old performer from Oxfordshire, currently studying in Bath. She has always  been passionate about performing and has a wide knowledge of different performance styles. When  she is not performing in shows, she loves to watch them. She is a big horror fan and loves anything  weird or creepy, but also has a love of physical theatre from her training as a pole and burlesque  dancer. She loves writing and enjoys reviewing for Theatrefullstop as it combines her two passions  into one! Follow Charlotte on twitter: @WeirdCharlotte


Louise Jones        

Louise Jones

Louise is an English Lit graduate from University of York and reviews for the Yorkshire area. She  has a real love of musical theatre and comedy, something which was cultivated thanks to an improv  troupe she’s performed with for three years. Alongside writing reviews and blogs, Louise is an avid  writer of musical comedy. Her fifteen minute musical revue on graduation was received well, and she’s  currently penning a rethinking of The Hunchback of Notre Dame for a cast of 70! Here’s hoping that  goes well… Follow Louise on Twitter: @Ludes_J



Megan Mattravers

FullSizeRender (2)Megan Mattravers is currently studying a BA (Hons) Drama, Applied Theatre and Education Degree at the Royal Central School of Speech Drama. She is immensely passionate about the drama industry and the various fragments including playwriting, directing, facilitation and teaching. She is currently contemplating different avenues of work and specialisation for after she graduates as a Drama Practitioner, in her final year. Meg is an enthusiastic yet analytical theatre-goer with a passion for keeping up-to date with current developing work. As an avid explorer, she is very excited to journey and adventure her way through reviewing many variant works, productions and plays for the blog.


Luke Redhead

Luke RedheadCurrently in his final year as a theatre graduate, Luke is hoping to achieve a successful career as an actor (and earn some money from it…fingers crossed). Living abroad in Chicago, Australia, Sweden and Switzerland has definitely wetted his appetite for travel and broadened his skills as a dancer, singer, reviewer and theatre practitioner. Sadly though, he’s not bilingual; his swarve Yorkshire accent is still enough to confuse anyone. A passion for all things theatre Luke enjoys a hard hitting British drama any day, yet can indulge in a classical ballet or opera when time permits.


Sean Gilbert

Sean Photo

Sean Gilbert is an events producer in London who has spent the last few years working on a secretive lecture series. As well as writing for a variety of blogs and magazines, he moonlights as a short story writer by night, his first piece, published this May by Short Fiction, looks at a sinister relationship between two cousins. Other interests include: dancehall, hip-hop and experimental comedy nights (the more extreme the better).


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  1. Bamidele Esuola says:

    I just want to congratulate Lucy Basaba and the Theatre Full Stop team for winning the award. Well done to you, you really deserve it and I pray that the entire project will continue to be successful, amen. I am really proud of you.

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