Actress Suzan Sylvester speaks to Theatrefullstop about starring in Crystal Springs at the Park Theatre!

imageIt’s the end of the school day and all you want to do is go home and relax. You walk through the door where you are instantly greeted by your parent or guardian asking you how your day has been. Social Media appears to be the only thing on your mind, and so you rush straight to your room. This is the perfect chance to catch up on the latest gossip with your friends online, however, what  happens when you receive vicious messages aimed at dwindling your confidence and self esteem? Ahead of her performance in Crystal Springs, I was able to speak to actress Suzan Sylvester about her role, her thoughts on the internet and her varied acting career!

You’ll be starring in Kathy Rucker’s play, Crystal Springs from Tuesday 5th August, could you describe what the play is about?

Two different mothers whose daughters are best friends and how a small unkindness snowballs into a terrible outcome.

You play the role of Linda in the play, could you describe her character?

Linda as me sees her very vulnerable and nervous. Her husband has been cheating on her, she clearly still loves him and wants to try again. She’s a loving but not a strict mother.

Do you identify with her?
Only as far as being cheated on!

What drew you to the play?

I thought the subject matter was important to explore and I liked the structure of the play. Plus how often is (there) a play about girls/women?

The piece is very timely and the sign of our times as it explores the ever growing problem of cyber bullying. What are your thoughts on the Internet and social media?

I still live in the old world and have been forced to use (or try to use!) computers- for work – emails – this is how people “talk” to each other now.

With the emergence of social media within the past 10 years, do you feel that this has impacted the way in which we all communicate with one another?

100%. People always have their heads down now. In cafes and bars people are meeting up, then spending half their time having a relationship with their gadget. And the pleasure of receiving a hand written card or letter has all but gone.

Your acting career has seen you work both onstage and on screen from playing Lady Macbeth in Shakespeare’s infamous tragedy Macbeth, to starring in well loved television programmes such as Where The Heart Is and Silent Witness. How as a performer does it feel to have the opportunity to play different roles?

Marvellous. The opportunity to work on different characters and mediums opens your eyes to so many things in the world you may never have explored. Such as cyberbullying.

What advice would you give to any aspiring performers out there?
Give everything. Expect nothing.

Interview by Lucy Basaba.

Crystal Springs is currently showing at the Park Theatre until Sunday 31st August. For more information on the production, visit here…

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