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The Hamilton Complex @ The Unicorn Theatre (LIFT Festival 2016) Review

That was a sick show! And I don’t mean in the new contemporary good way. And I don’t mean it made me wanted to puke. I mean sick, weird and twisted. We are introduced to 13 Belgian girls dressed as Airhostess and they give us a polite warning to not be offended at what is about to take place on stage. It is quite clear we are about to embark on some touchy subjects, especially as the one body builder starts to strip down to his underwear.

The Hamilton Complex

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Late Night Review @ The Barbican Pit (LIFT 2016) Review

Six dancers lost in a continuous cycle of choreography, holding on to past stories and times since vanished. Late Night by the Blitz Theatre Group, in association with LIFT 2016, is an abstract piece delivered in the Greek language set in a dark wasteland of furniture and rubble.

Late Night

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YOUARENOWHERE @ Shoreditch Town Hall (LIFT 2016) Review

Time works alongside us. It’s so engrained in us we even have our own body clocks dictating when certain processes happen. They say time is a healer, yet time waits for no man. Are you someone that lives for the now? The tomorrow or ponders on the past? YOUARENOWHERE is a considered exploration of time through the eyes of award winning performance artist Andrew Schneider.


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Stella @ Hoxton Hall (LIFT 2016) Review 

A marvel to behold and celebrate, Stella in collaboration with LIFT Festival, is a show of dignified emotion, exquisite personality and overwhelming charisma, a show not to be missed. As you enter the historic Hoxton Hall, you are immediately presented with an ageing figure on stage, you observe, bemused by the melancholic facial expression portrayed on the almost translucent face.


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